Yavanika : One of the greatest mystery thrillers ever


Yavanika is widely regarded as one of the best ever mystery thrillers made in Indian film industry and for some section of critics it is one of the best in world cinema. Directed by master filmmaker K G George, this film had received great commercial as well as critical reception during that time. The movie was co-written by K G George and S L Puram Sadanandan. The film was produced by Henry and it had won the Kerala State award for best film that year.

Yavanika was released on 30th April 1982. The DOP of the movie was Ramachandra Babu and M B Sreenivasan handled the music department of the film. Mammootty’s first notable character was seen in this film and his portrayal of the investigating officer named Jacob Eeraly was well appreciated by the critics. He won the critics award for best supporting actor that year as well.


The film tells the story that happens related to the missing of a Tabala player named Ayyappan (played by the legendary Bharath Gopi) who is working with a travelling drama group. His mysterious disappearing later brings out many inside stories that has happened on backstage of the drama troupe. There are many suspects behind Ayyappan’s disappearance as he is very unpopular among the people who know him and also an alcoholic and criminal. The other actors apart from Bharath Gopi and Mammootty in this film are Thilakan, Nedumudi Venu, Jagathy Sreekumar, Jalaja, Ashokan, Venu Nagavally, Kuttyedathu Vilasini, Thodupuzha Vasanthi and Sreenivasan.

Ayyappan is considered as one of the best ever roles played by the great actor Bharath Gopi. Mammootty also made a lasting impression with his performance in Yavanika and that paved way for many solid roles in the future. Bharath Gopi, known for his perfection, learned how to play Tabala prior to the movie’s shoot.

Yavanika is considered as a lesson for filmmaking as it used the Rashomon effect or that way of story telling. It is now a reference for cinema students in various national film institutes and many film academies.


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