Aparan : Entry of a new talent


Aparan was a film to remember for Mollywood film lovers for two reasons. One is that it is a Padmarajan classic and the second one is that it was the debut film of one of the most popular actors of Mollywood, Jayaram. The film was produced by Ajitha under the banner of Supriya International and it was distributed by Thomson Films.

The story of the film was written by Padmarajan in collaboration with M K Chandrashekharan and the screenplay of the film was penned down by the director Padmarajan himself. Johnson master handled the musical department while Venu was the head of the camera department. B. Lenin was the editor of this great film. The star cast of the film includes Jayaram(debut film) , Mukesh, Madhu, Shobhana, Parvathy and Sukumari etc.


The movie was released on 12 May, 1988.It is primarily a mystery thriller which mainly deals with the plot of mistaken identity and that confusion creates problems in the life of an innocent young man named Vishwanadhan (played by jayaram). He was arrested by the police, mistaking him as a criminal who really look like him, but manages to get out of jail with the help of a police inspector named Georgekutty (played by Mukesh), who was his classmate.

Georgekutty explains him about his look alike who is a criminal with lot of cases charged against him and police did not even know his real name or background. Later, Vishwanadhan gets a job in the town and he falls in love with one of his colleagues named Ambili, played by Shobhana.

But there too this mistaken identity comes as a villain and he loses his job due to that. Then he thought of taking revenge on the criminal who ruined his life invite that criminal to his own life pretending himself as criminal and extracting money from some of the clients of that criminal. And when the criminal came to him and they had a fight and during that fight the criminal is stabbed to death by an accomplice of his and the real problem occurred there was that the body of the criminal is mistook as of Vishwanadhan as police found a bag containing educational certificates that belonged to Vishwanadhan.

Later the criminal is cremated at their ancestral house and Vishwanadhan came their alone and told his father all the truth. And when his father want him to stay with them, he refused it and decided to live the life of that criminal and walk away from there, which really makes the audience wondering whether who is actually dead there, Vishwanadhan or the criminal.

It was a one of the classics from Padmarajan and the film was a success at box office as well as a critically acclaimed one. Jayaram’s journey as an actor starts from there in top gear.



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