Vishudhan Malayalam movie review

Vishudhan Malayalam movie review
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Vishudhan’ – Same dish cooked and served in a different manner…!!

Director Vyshakh is known for his mass masala entertainers like Pokkiri Raja, Seniors, Mallu Singh and Sound Thoma and all of them were block busters . ‘Vishudhan’ is Vyshakh’s 5th directorial attempt and hence created a buzz among audience that this movie also will be an entertainer like his earlier flicks.

But ‘Vishudhan’ turns to be a different movie but fails to entertain the audience. Director himself did the screenplay for this movie. Most of the factors which make a Vyshakh movie are there in Vishudhan as well like, a not so convincing plot, colorful locations, comedy, songs, fights and a complex love.

Protagonists of this movie are a priest named Sunny played by Kunchacko Boban and a nun named Sophie played by Mia George. Sunny had to protect the nun due to some reasons and the events occur after that makes this film moving. Unlike his earlier movies Vyshakh treats this movie with a serious tone and it doesn’t really suits his style of making. The caption of the movie, ‘Feel the Difference’ suits the movie as the difference in the treatment affected the movie in a negative way.

His attempt to deviate from his usual style of movie making is definitely a good sign but he couldn’t apply it successfully in this movie. Gopi Sunder has composed nice songs especially the song starts with ‘Oru Mezhuthiriyude’ which has already became a hit among music lovers. Shehnad Jalal’s cinematography made each and every visual beautiful and Mahesh Narayanan did a good job as an editor.

Priest Sunny is safe in Kunchack Boban’s hands and he did his part well. Mia George’s performance as nun Sophie is satisfactory and she has got a lot to improve to be a good actress. 5 Fingers serial fame Shalin acted well in this movie. Other actors like Lal, Nandhu, Krishnankumar and Suraj Venjaramood excelled in their roles. The truth of the matter is that Vishudhan stands in the middle of a mass entertainer and normal grey shaded love story.

Anyway Vyshakh’s attempt is appreciable and we hope that he would be able to make lots of movies with sense in the future. ‘Vishudhan’ is an average movie and of course it is watchable ….

Rating: 3/5