Koothara malayalam movie Review

Koothara malayalam movie Review
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After the path breaking hit “Second Show” Sreenath and team is back, and with teams up Mohanlal…What else should we need to raise our expectations. Well, the expectations didn’t went for loose… Because it was more than what we expected. And all the mockery on its strange name ends here.

Now let’s come to the movie,its about 3 students of Kozhikode engineering college, Koobrin, Tharun & Ram.The movie reels on their college life of friendship, love & troubles in its 1sthalf. Then comes Mohanlal in its later half, as the entrance we were all waiting for. From their its Mohanlal who rules the screens with his ravishing performance. Even his presence enhances the thrilling scenes of 2nd half.

And after the movie, there comes the major doubt, who actually was the hero, Mohanlal or Kootharars?? The answer is, the real hero is our craftsman Sreenath who splendid the screen with his new treatment and visuals..Koothara is a movie which is scripted by Vini Vishwalal to satisfy every class of audiences.

Ok,I am to not going far…Go watch Koothara for your own & witness the excellence!!!!

Rating : 6/10