Geethanjali malayalam movie review

Geethanjali malayalam movie review
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Geethanjali – A horror movie which makes the audience cry out of disappointment…!

Some movies are made but some are just happened, while ‘Manichithrathazhu’ belongs to the second category ‘Geethanjali’ belongs to the first. The comparison is made as the 2 protagonists from ‘Manichithrathazhu’ are the protagonists of ‘Geethanjali’ as well; horror and Dr. Sunny Joseph but we can see both of them fail in evoking any emotions.

‘Geethanjali’ is a perfect example to emphasise the fact that Malayalees do not know how to make a good horror movie. This movie scares only the producer not the audience. It is a beautiful name rather a combination of 2 names Geetha and Anjali, on which the great Rabindranatha Tagore had won Nobel Prize in 1913 for literature and the talented director Mani Ratnam had made a critically and commercially successful movie on 1989.

Now it is another Geethanjali a horror / mystery thriller which seizes our attention, the much anticipated movie of the Mohanlal – Priyadarshan combo, in which the pivotal character of the yesteryear’s successful mystery thriller ‘Manichthrathazhu’s Dr. Sunny appears as the protagonist. The long waiting has got an end as the movie releases today. It is released worldwide on the same day for the first time in the history of Malayalam Movies and the first Malayalam movie released in Japan. All in vein that is what came in to mind after seeing the movie.

Priyadarshan couldn’t reach up to the expectation even though so many talented artists worked together for this movie. Geetha and Anjali, twins who love the same person (Nishan) in college, but Anjali wins her love and her marriage is fixed. She comes from her work place Mumbai for the marriage but Geetha is assassinated and their mother (Seema) falls from upstairs and ends up in coma. Abnormal incidents happen in the house and presence of Geetha’s soul found by Anjali.

Nakulan (Suresh Gopi) helps Nishan by referring Dr. Sunny the famous psychiatrist played by Mohanlal and eventually he finds the truth behind the assassination of Geetha and the paranormal activities in the house. The climax twist is what Priyadarshan put aside as the most unpredictable thing and that is the most predictable thing in this movie.

What lacks in this movie is the essence which is required to make a movie watchable. It was said to be a horror movie but what is horror in this movie is the thought that how long we have to bear Priyadarshan and his so called inspirational wastes. This movie is said to be very similar to a Kannada and Tamil movie released in 2012 and it seems like Priyadarshan has got no time to work on a genuine and fresh subject. But we can see some changes in the climax and the style of presentation .

Once again Priyadarshan disappoints us after his last crap ‘Oru Marubhoomikkadha – Arabiyum Ottakavum pinne Madhavan Nairum’ . No actor, no technician and no other factors rise above average in this movie except the character played by Siddique and the girl who played as innocent’s daughter. Songs and cinematography are just average. Comedy and Horror scenes lie below the average line. No comedy worked out for the Innocent-Mohanlal combo. Priyadarshan made Dr. Sunny looks pathetic in this movie. Undoubtedly a pathetic attempt by a veteran director and watch it on your own risk.

 Rating :2/5