Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal malayalam movie review

Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal malayalam movie review
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‘Ezhu Sundara Raathrikal’ is a clean family entertainer …!

After a series of so called comedy movies, most of them are commercially successful but lacked content, Dileep has succeeded to be a part of a feel good movie. This movie also belongs to the comedy genre with which the director Jal Jose sticks on to most of the time. Ezhu Sundara Raathrikal can be distinguished from the comic flicks Lal Jose made in the last 3 years as this movie is a perfect blend of comedy, sentiments and other elements required to be called as good comedy entertainer. This movie is the seventh venture of Lal Jose – Dileep duo and it happened to be remarkable by the craftsmanship and hard work of both the artists.

Dileep plays the role of a successful Ad film director named Abi who is engaged to Ann, professionally a model who is introduced to the industry by Abi, the character played by Parvathy Nambyar. Their marriage is fixed and Abi comes to know about his ex flame Sini, the character played by Rima Kallingal, through one of his friends named Abid (Harisree Asokan). Abi decides to meet Sini and invite her for his marriage. Sini is married to Alex, played by Murali Gopi, an IT professional and a boxer. Abi meets Sini but while returning she found a cigarette packet in her home which causes a convoy of issues in his life. He has 7 days before his marriage to fix the problems and the movie becomes interesting through Abi ’s struggles.

It is Dileep who scored in this movie. As an actor he excelled in the comic and all other sequences and one thing to be specially mentioned is that this movie doesn’t have Dileep’s gimmicks and below average mimicry items he normally shows in other movies. Dileep reminds us one more thing that he deserves a third place in Malayalam film industry after Mohanlal and Mammootty as a film personality since he succeeded in most part of the film making process. Rima did justice to her role and Parvathy Nambyar made her debut remarkable with decent performance. Murali Gopi acted well and slowly becomes an essential part of most of the front line directors in Malayalam. Tini Tom also performed well as Franco and all other actor including Harisree Asokan (Abid), Sekhar Menon (Vivek), Praveena (Daisy) and Vijayaraghavan (Varghese) are apt to their roles.

Pradeesh Varma has handled cinematography nicely by presenting a visual treat to the audience and Ranjan Abraham made it perfectly watchable by his editing. This movie has only 2 songs composed by Prashant Pillai and he proves to be promising by his work. The song ‘Koodeyirikkam, Koottinirikkam’ is very melodious and the background score also scores well. Script writer James Albert deserves special clap as he didn’t leave any loop holes in his work to be condemned. The comedy moments worked well and no artificiality has been created to make the audience laugh. There are lots of moments to be laughed out loud. Lal Jose marks his signature once again by such a marvellous work and undoubtedly this would be one of the sure mega sits of 2013.

Ezhu Sundara Raathrikal is a must watch family entertainer you just can’t afford to miss. It has got everything for family, youth and kids to sit back and relax in theaters.

Rating : 3.75/5